Ilusilm OÜemma

Ilusilm OÜ is a small enterprise situated on a small Island Vormsi in Western Estonia. We try to make the world to be a better place to live. Using our eyes of beauty to give everything a better look. All that can be improved aesthetically is in the reach of Ilusilm OÜ. People that are associated with Ilusilm OÜ and the partners that we work with have gained many experiences on wide range over the years. All the events theta we have organized in the past give the reason to say that we can bring alive the wildest thoughts one can think of. Take for instance the biggest live fireshow in the Baltics for the 90th Anniversary of Estonian Republic or the Christmas Calendar on the windows on the Town Hall of Tartu to name a few. We find a technical solution and appealing look for the most challenging ideas.

It does not matter if it's a simple business card or a book with complex binding, outdoor poster or web page, Ilusilm OÜ has the facilities to get it don with class and in time. If a company is looking for some activity for its summer days we can offer fire-, ice-, sand- and snowsculpture as a show or as a teamwork to improve the co-operation with the co-workers. We can take you for a nice boat trip on a historically interesting boat and teach some old ways of handicraft.

Give us a call, let's see what can be done!

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